Please can you ensure, along with your playing partners, that you observe the following course etiquette
for the benefit of yourself and others:

  • Rake bunkers, and please push the sand towards the centre of the bunker and not drag it towards the edge as you leave 
  • Repair your pitch marks, and whilst waiting to putt, see if any others require your attention
  • Replace divots on the fairways, and use the divot bags provided. They really do make a difference!
  • Place divot sand in Par 3 tee divots
  • Keep trolleys and buggies OUTSIDE of greenside bunkers and away from green complexes/banks (do not drive up to green)
  • Drive buggies in the rough and avoid fairways wherever possible during the winter
  • Carry bags, if you are able, during exceptionally wet periods.

Also, be aware of keeping up with pace of play. If you lose a hole please allow group behind to play through when possible.